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Who We Are

About May Madly Design Studio.

About The Design Studio

May Madly Design Studio provides quality, catchy and functional designs. We offer a wide range of services including graphics, web designs, advertising, branding and marketing.

Out of all the design agencies in the market, May Madly will give you a design that you really admire and enjoy to show it to your own target audience. The high quality in each pixel makes May Madly Designs catchy and unique. You'll see it by yourself!

We care about our customer, we leave everybody satisfied. Know more from our clients!

 Our Mission

We're committed to empower and inspire people to grow in the market. Whether you are a start-up,  a non-profit organization, a small or medium business, we are here for YOU!


May Madly is half Intellectual Property Practitioner and half Designer. Her passion for Art was clear since childhood. She started her practice in the digital design world in 2005 while she was still a student in Law School (French Department). But one cannot resist true love when she meets it and for May this was definitely the world of Art and Intellectual Property Law all together.

Today, May is the main driving force and one of the masterminds behind the success of May Madly Studio. She feels equally at ease in both design and intellectual property context, as she got her master degree in IP from Seoul National University at South Korea.

Her ultimate dream is to be an entrepreneur, managing different types of businesses all together. Her limit is the sky!


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